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Some of you who are old enough will remember RAD, Cru Jones and the rest of the ’86 BMX legend are now on DVD and I got the goods biatch!!!!

Finally they put this golden OG BMX classic on DVD, let me know if you wanna check it out I might just do a premiere………….

Tim White’s Dirt Bike.

When we were younger, Logan described Tim White as “that Brian Foster guy”. Funny enough, he does strike a close resembelance and rides reasonably similar.
When Tim first heard of Dirt and saw the frame, he was very supportive. After a while,(dunno if it was cos i was hastleing him about not riding a NZ brand or otherwise), he bought one.

Looking pimp in gold, this is it:

“This is my personal Dirt Bike Co bike I have been riding for about 3 months (I Think)and I really like the frame overall it feels really good and am looking forward to seeing Calum’s Race Version.”

Frame: Dirt Bike Co
Fork: S&M Race
Bars: S&M Grand Slams
Stem: S&M Challenger with Ti bolts
Headset: FSA carbon
Seatpost: Thompson
Seat: Selle SLR
Cranks: GT power series with Ti spindal and Ti bolts
Sprocket: Tree lite 28t
Chain: KMC super lite
Pedals: Odyssey trail mix
Brakes: Odyssey Evo 2s
Brake Lever: Odyssey Trigger
Wheels: Fit Hubs with Gold Aliennation rims
Tires: Animal GLH folding rear Federal folding front
Tim has his own shop, T Whites Bikes, and is an official retailer of dirt and everything else you need! Go see him.

ever come across a video that you like and makes you feel like riding every time you see it?

etnies BMX session in the TF: No Bikes Allowed from etnies europe on Vimeo.