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Bmx Customiser

I keep forgetting this URL so if i post it i can get to it through here. This is the best customiser i have seen and someone has put some time into it. You can have brakes, no brakes, 2pegs, 4 pegs, no pegs and different angles to view it. Its rad so check it out.

T Whites 1 Year Old Bikes

T Whites Bikes turned 1 yesterday. There was no doubt a party and a jam too. The Levis jump box from the Whangeri jam was there and the red bull hummer. Free beers and bbqs got the day going, with a chill style jam and 20% off everything in store.

Me, Mike L, Mike D, Jono H, H Town Jordie, Calum and some fixie guys went for a street before the jam kicked off. We went and rode the Uni Medical center and saw some good stuff go down. Jono bared and Tailwipped the 5 stair. Mike and Jono busted the pedal to 270s on the bank to rail ledge and Mike L hit up the stairs on his Subrosa fixie.
As usual Alan Montiefoire threw down with massive flips, boosts, twips and almost getting the NFC 3. Jono Hopping was there ready to destroy when he went down hard missing the bars in a tuck and falling out the sky only to then take out the curb and a pole. Piggy fronted up with trail style oozing.
The Box and Hummer packed up at near 7 and everyone either rolled out or carried on partying inside. The party was sweet to say the least, and being sober didnt make it any worse. Free hair cuts and drinks had us leaving at near 12, nowhere near finnishing.
Bikes, Music, Booze and BBQs, made 1 hell of a Birthday celebration. Cheers to everyone that came out (there where masses of people) and those from out of town. Was a rad day and im tired and sore writing this at 830 in the morning. WTF am i doing? 6 1/2 hours sleep.

more coverage!

Ryan Foley was there shooting evryone too, check out his photos and ignore the pedal grind with my back wheel dragging! hahaha.

Blue Bull Ledgends 2009

there is a gallery up for the 2009 red bull ledgends so click the picture below.

the results were:
1st Jordan Tweedie (2010 MacNeil Whitton frame)
2nd Stephen Geddes (Shadow Bars and $100 T Whites Voucher)
3rd Fraser West (Red Subrosa post and seat)