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Web video

here is a little video i made.

Taupo Main Street Jam.

Taupo main street jam went off!
Me and the Infamous Alan Montiefiore headed off thursday afternoon to taupo. Another agonising ride with him trying to steal my keys every chance he got. Dude its my car, you can drive when im smashed. We stopped at putaruru to ride the bowl and saw kenny, the whitest maori. Alan got his boost and flips on and i got a puncture. Seth, Olly, Tyler and Zac from north shore rolled up and we left.
We rolled up to the park and i forgot about my puncture so Hemi was good enough to show me to the bike shop just as it was shutting. When we turned up at the park again, the Otaki guys rolled up and we had a little jam. Lewis form otaki busted the sickest look back case on the take off and double wip to front flip.
Me and the Otaki boys went to crash at Rieds Farm. Just as they put up their tent and i put up my car, jadens van full of people rolled up followed by some chick in a new wrx and another in a rx8 and another van. A few drinks, a 2h Mc Donalds Mish and getting pulled up with a possible like $800+ worth of fines and getting let go latter, we crashed.
Main street jam went off, and here is a video to describe it cos im lazy!

The after party was rad too. Cody managed to spend $180 on one round of drinks, coma out and then run around jumping over tables and shit in a few hours. Everyone had a good time and i once again crashed in my car.

The next day, getting ready to leave, me and alan go invited to Papamoa to Sams beach house,Got drunk in Tauranga and rode summer hill. To best decribe that, click here!