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This is the biggest weekend in NZ bmx without a doubt. and its this weekend!!!!

If your not there, you suck!
The line up of HUGE international names and local NZ is amazing:
Luke Parslow
Cam White
Colin Mackay
Dane Searles
Nick Cooper
Cam Pianta
Shane Conlon
Cory Nastazio
Ryan Guettler
T J Ellis
Paul Langlands
Jed Mildon
Alex Hiam
Billy Clerke
Alex Cranswick
Joe Simpson
Alan Montefiore
Alan Cameron
Louis Bolter
Mark Russell
Caleb Davison
Kane O’Hagan

no doubt there are more to come too.
And a promo video:


T Whites Raw Dirt

Tim White just stripped the paint off his handlebars and Dirt Diggler, he was gonna paint it but it looked so rockstar in raw it might just stay that way. Check it, looks dope….

Stanmore trip.

Been riding with this rad kid Ethan from the north shore lately. Hes really enthusiastic which makes a cool person to ride with and just loves riding. We yesterday we did a trip to a few places riding. We started off riding abbots mini then the stafford road mini on the side of the road. we went to birken head park, orewa and then stopped at stanmore. Some random guy come over and asked to take pics and so we just did some random stuff. The pictures will be displayed below. We then headed to marlbrogh to end the day. We met june and fiends from NZ flatland and tried riding some flatland. Was rad and i now have so much more respect for them. All in all it was a rad day. Cheers Ethan!

Photo credit to ‘DarcWest’

Happy Freeking New Year!


*Picture jacked from the Rampage site. Paul Langlands No Foot Can*

Ok for those out of towners that are thinking on coming up to ride the new rampage park, i thought i would do a description on the park.

The indoor park is located at 88 elice rd, glen field. Get off the motor way at tristram ave and head towards glenfield. take a right at the lights then right at the next lights. first left and on your right hand side is a dark grey building with a big red “Rampage” at the top.
The park consists of two sets of two jump boxes, a foam pit, a vert wall, a big roll in and a 6ft spine mini with more to come.
Dimentions (aproximate):
Roll in: 12ft and is air able
Left box line: 2x 5ft take off, 4 ft deck and rolling landings for safe casers.
Right box line: 2x 6ft take off, 6-7ft deck and slightly rolling landings for safe caseing.
Vert wall: like 18ft of perfect transition and carve.
Foam: same take off as the big boxes but landing in a huge pit of foam.
6ft 1/4s and one 5ft 1/4
6ft spine 2 thirds of the with of the mini with a roller for the rest.
wall ride on one side of mini and deck on the other.
All transitions are amazing too. the mini is the best in nz and the boxes are perfect.
Pricing is as follows:
There are 3 sessions a day consisting of 3h each.
$20 for 1 session
$40 for 2 sessions or the whole day
Open hours:
Monday – Friday:
Session 1 11:30 – 14:30
Session 2 14:45 – 17:45
Session 3 18:00 – 21:00

Session 1 09:00 – 12:00
Session 2 1200 – 15:00
Session 3 15:00 – 18:00

Get on the flip train and go. Visit for details.