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T.Whites New Site!

T Whites Bikes just overhauled their site. Its fresh and clean and Brian approved. Check it:

Catch up

Basically I havn’t rode my bike in a couple weeks because i’ve been bogged down at uni. As far as the trails go, I went up yesterday for the first time in over a month which reminded me i had a few summer photos im sure a few people might appreciate.

saddleclub photos, (credit Stephen G)
Piggy table at the saddleclub:
Logan euro at the saddleclub:
Caleb No hander:

Piggy Lookback:

Caleb Table:
May road: Piggy table: (credit: Stepehen G)
PMP jam: Piggy 360 mid train (credit: T White)

Calebs trails: Piggy: (credit Caleb)

This is our new marketing campaign. Break kids bikes.
Piggy Zooms a kids bike (credit Caleb)