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DBC bars- rough cut

Shiny new stuff…

Heres a sneak peek at some of the exceptional material about to be crafted into some DBC prototype product in the next week, stay tuned this shits gonna be hot.


Official DBC girl Jo!!

Hey there all you grubby little BMX critters out there, Dirt Bike Co. has it’s first official female representative! Introducing Jo, she’s awesome and we are really quite proud to have her as part of the crew.

Welcome to la familia Jo, its rad to have you on board!!

Hugh Wotherspoon edit

A few clips of our man Hugh gettin it done here and abroad

Langa’s & Hughburger new backyard set

This is ridiculous, from what our Cambridge rider Hugh Wotherspoon tells us the first jump is 30 foot and he and Paul are already stomping them. More updates to follow as the crazy gnarly action from this yard progresses!

Joe Sanchez, huge stair gap comin in hot!