Joe Sanchez

Age: 16
Where you live: Central Valley California
How long have you been riding: about four years
Who you normally ride with: B rad. Dru dogg. A day. And my boy dankity dave!!
Least favourite trick: if you think about it what trick isn’t your least favorite? They all fuck you up in the long run haha
Favourite trick: but for my favorite trick I’ll have to say just floating high over a nice well done set of trails
Scariest trick: definitely supermans and all those no footer tricks. That’s why I don’t do them haha.
Favourite terrain: TRAILS!!!!
Least favourite terrain: street
Favourite place to ride: the A day trails here at home and of course the cv park.
Best place ever ridden: damn I don’t really know. I think I haven’t got to that place yet but if I had to pick somewhere it would be Fairfield or Anderson.
Worst place ever ridden: Petaluma skate park haha.
Most ridden: cv skate park and the streets of sumite city!! hahahaha
Comps or no comps: comps etc…
Inspiration: the riders around me, sapphire knight, true friends.
Thanks: Aaron day for basically putting me here, Dirt Bike Co for taking a like in me, and thanks to my bike
Likes: good laughs, movies, and hanging out with friends.
Hates: fake people, bad music, and herpes
Magazines or internet: internet, way better.
What car do you drive: a lambourghini with butterfly doors and a slick gold paint job. Hahahahaha just jokin I don’t drive. Wish I did
Plans for the future: uuuu be one of the best in the bmx world. If not that then try to be till I can’t no more.