Scott Harvey

Age – 25
Where do I live – Currently Gosford, NSW Australia
How long have you been riding ? – I’ve always rode bikes since I could walk but started riding freestyle properly when I was bout 15 .
Who do you normally ride with ? – My mates Jason (Spanish),Pat,Luke,Jake (salty), Zammit and whoever shows up on the day
Least favorite trick – Umm Flatland it’s the golf of bmx boring to watch and even harder to do !
Favorite Trick – Dipped 360
Scariest Trick – Ice pick , alway end with me on the ground
Favorite Terrain – Dirt
Least Favorite Terrain – Only when It rains and I can’t ride
Favorite place to ride – Would have to be my local park Umina Skate Park , it’s got lights and nothing beats a few beers on a Friday/Sat night and a session with my best mates just having fun.
Best place ever riden ? – “the muddys” we have built trails over 50 times at this place , the dirt is crap , the place floods has leaches yet it’s always fun doing a train through the sets when we had them.
Worst place ever riden – South Kincumber skate park , NSW
Most Riden – Umina Skate Park , NSW
Comps or no comps ? – Jams all the way !!
Inspiration – Dane Searls “RIP” , Corey Bohen
Thanks – To all my mates who I roll with now and forever.
Likes – Whiskey, Beer, Ganga’s, Tattooed Girls, BMX and my friends !
Hates – Rain, cold, RSA, police and flat tyres
Magazines or Internet ? – Both , I love to read the mags yet I love watching all the latest edits and jams going on around the world.
Eats – Steak, Bacon, Burgers, Devon, Pasta, Chicken, just meat in general !
What car to you drive ? – No license so I ride my BMX everywhere !
Plans for the future ? – Currently saving $$ going to put my BMX in a box get on a plane and see and ride the world, eventually open my own bike shop wherever I finish up !