Jake ‘Gypsy’ Prebble

Age: 23
Where you live: Motueka/ New Zealand is my back yard
How long have you been riding: Since ages ago like 2000
Who you normally ride with: Aidan Limmer ,Lee Nuttall,Casey Scott and The Mot Groms or the bros up north!
Least favourite trick: Flairs cos I never get them
Favourite trick:Turndown
Scariest trick: Frontflip Indian
Favourite terrain: Dirt
Least favourite terrain: Footpath with glass
Favourite place to ride: anything ya build yourself
Best place ever ridden: Gorge Road in queenstown
Worst place ever ridden: Footpath with glass
Most ridden: MOT Skatepark/Dirtjumps
Comps or no comps: Comps
Inspiration: Mat Hoffman, Evil Kenevil, Jed Mildon, Langbanger, Daniel Puha,Aidan Limmer, Lee Nuttall and just anyone that rides
Thanks: Unit,T Whites Bikes,The Mot boys,Jed for setting up the gnarliest jump ever!and anyone whos given me a place to stay on my travels! Chur
Likes: Guitars and Trails
Hates: Flat tyres and flocks of scooters
Magazines or internet:Both
Eats:Nachos and pies!
What car do you drive: A BMX
Plans for the future: Ride bikes heaps ,wait for the jumps to dry and summer to get here!