Billy Clerke

Age: 21
Where you live: taupo
How long have you been riding: 7 years
Who you normally ride with: any one that’s kean haha
Least favourite trick: barspin
Favourite trick: 360
Scariest trick: frontys
Favourite terrain: dirt!
Least favourite terrain: skateparks clogged by scooters
Favourite place to ride: taupo
Best place ever ridden: beenleigh
Worst place ever ridden: tokoroa skatepark haha its crap!
Most ridden: taupo
Comps or no comps: nz dirt series, jedi jam, mainstreet, mega box
Inspiration: jed mildon, ruben alcantara, harry main, Jamie bestwic
Thanks: jed mildon! Dirt bike co 4 the sick whip! Umm mum and dad ahaha
Likes: binge drinking! Bit of mx trail riding and mountain biking
Hates: scooters and indians
Magazines or internet: ride bmx, trademe, face book
Eats: meat! And anything
What car do you drive: mitsi l300 van
Plans for the future: build my own house. Build my own trails.