Alan ‘Piggy’ Cameron

Age: 21
Where you live: Auckland
How long have you been riding: 5 years?
Who you normally ride with: Logan, Bevan, Stephen, Olivier, Steven, the Hamilton crew and anybody at the trails
Least favourite trick: WHIPS OUTS, tables and turndowns
Scariest trick: One – handed – no foot cans
Favourite terrain: Rotorua mud pools or trails?
Least favourite terrain: The mean streets
Favourite place to ride: Our trails, or PMP
Best place ever ridden: Caleb’s trails
Worst place ever ridden: Any thing which isn’t trails or has ¼’s
Most ridden: Our trails
Comps or no comps: Jams?
Inspiration: Yagle, Derrick Gerrard, Brain Foster, Justin Inman, Chase Hawk, Tom Robinson
Big cheers to all the PMP locals, anybody I ride with or have stayed with and Tim White for the S&M bar pad! And of course to Callum for this sweet hook up with “DIRT BIKE CO”.

Likes: Reeeally cheap beer
Hates: foot jams and wreckers
Magizines or internet: um depends
Eats: Food
What car do you drive: Mitsubishi lancer wagon
Plans for the future: finish my degree! get a masters degree? Get a job. Build and ride the woods.