Ryan Foley is rad.

Ryan foley takes some rad photos. He took the latest photos of the frame too. Check out his stuff at his site.

here is a preview:

Local westie Liam Marshall

Launch Party photos

Better late than never right? Heres the pics from the most kickass launch party we had up near T Whites Bikes after the frame raffle, proudly sponsored by Estrella Damm beer and Stolychnaya vodka it went off, check the crazyness and enjoy. Sorry no pics of the shirtless boxing match, anyone got some footage to hook up?

Thats how we roll, a really fun night for all who showed up. Wish you were there pikers!
Check the pics here

testing 1 . 2 . 3

Well recently we have the first couple jumps running for a bit of testing.
Then today we managed to get a sweet crew down at the trails, Ash, Callum, Logan, Fraser and myself. managed to move a decent amount of dirt and then get the 3rd jump running, which is highly unfinished (landing needs claying and added height, take off needs added height and shape).
Ended up being a prety fun and productive day ending with a good bit of riding.
By the end of the day eveyrbdy got too tired to ride when we realised we had a camera so i took a couple extra runs and Fraser snapped the shots. I know theyr not very focused or well lit up but we didn’t realy know how to work the camera we had. enjoy!’

Piggy table the 3rd jump. It’ll look sweet when the landing gets clayed up nice and tall

Piggy roasting a moto on the 2nd booster

Dirt Bike Co Launch Party

Dirt Bike Co Launch Party

Ok this is super late, I’m technologically inept and Bevan’s lazy haha its all good we give you the goods eventually….

The official/unofficial and slightly ghetto launch party went off with a bang and had a really good turnout last Saturday. Between the 50 or so people there throughout the night we managed to consume 240 bottles of beer and 3 litres of vodka!

Good work team loving your work, thanks for turning up and rocking out like a true bunch of BMXers it was an epic night.

Gotta thank the legendary A-dog for running bar and keeping the promotional staff sorted and obviously a big thanks to those promotional staff for keeping us all lubricated with fresh rounds from the bar.

Congratulations go out to Brendan our lucky winner of the Dirt Bike Co raffle for a brand spanking new Dirt Diggler frame, clearly buying more than one ticket is a good idea and you gotta be in it to win it! Congratulations bro I hope riding it gives you all the joy and sugary goodness it gives us.

It was all in all an amazing night, impromptu riding session with a low roof and makeshift ramp, bike soccer and some shirts off boxing to entertain the crowd. Amazingly only about 2 broken bottles all night so there may not be much of an argument for kiwi lager cans (Piggy!)

Photos are either rad, blurry or ridiculous just enjoy what we got.

Shout out to the sponsors of the event aside from good ole Dirt Bike Co we had some great support from Estrella Damm supplying beer and Stolichnaya Vodka propping up the spirits end of the deal. Thanks heaps guys looking forward to many more events and schinannegans to come.

Go ride…

good old stokage.

i saw this pic again scrolling through the zombie archive. i love this pic i think its rad as hell and i was so stoked on it when it was taken. I love going through old stuff and finding something that i was stoked on a while ago and getting stoked on it again. dam i wanna ride now. off to east city with piggy…